I have been getting the giggles like crazy lately. I am blaming it on feeling loopy by 4PM when the sun is starting to set way too early in Chicago. It’s totally messing with me. I think it’s 10PM when it’s 6PM. I think my favorite weeknight shows should already have recorded on the TiVO when it’s barely time for dinner. I am ready for bed at 8 o’clock. 

Sometimes my loopiness drives me to say ridiculous things. J likes to say it’s because I haven’t talked to anyone all day, but truth is, I talk to a lot of people all day. It’s just all via conference call through the computer. My in person people interactions are limited, which sure, gets old, but I am talking to people. That can’t be the reason I have the loopy giggles by 6:30 when J gets home from work.

Last night we were driving to meet friends for dinner. The road conditions were less than stellar given our latest weather and J took a corner a little faster than my nervous nelly heart would have liked. I said, “you’re driving like a hooker in heels!”

J looked at me, perplexed and said, “what does that mean?” and I said, “no idea!” and started to giggle.

I don’t have a clue where that phrase came from, but we both laughed, not knowing exactly what that meant and I have decided that it’s the best phrase of 2013. I also decided that I made it up and am HILARIOUS. And actually, it makes a little sense. Hooker, heels, can’t walk, bad driving, heels in the way… ya ya. 

Onto other topics not involving hookers…

A love TED videos. Well, the good ones anyway and this one just came across my desk. It’s fantastic and uplifting. Watch it. 7 minutes. 

And have you seen this video of Santa? It had me teary eyed at 6AM and not just because it was too early to start working!

And lastly, I am remiss in sending any sort of holiday card. I usually do two, a Hanukkah and a Christmas. Or one generic one. I write a personal note in each one and this year that seemed too daunting. Cards are neither ordered or in the process of being ordered and so, this year, for the first time in MANY MANY years, there will be no holiday card. There might be a New Year’s card if I can get my act together in the next week. I have a semi idea for a card. I even started to collect addresses that weren’t updated in my list… so, the intention is there. Now the execution remains the only problem. It’s on my to do list. At the bottom. Underneath clean my closet. Just kidding, it’s above cleaning my closet. I’m not THAT loopy.

Happy week before the week before everyone at work goes on vacation!

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  1. I am getting caught up on your blog!!! So glad to see new posts!!!!

    I totally get the loopy thing – I would semi-declare it was due to the weather too. I need more sunshine! It’s terribly depressing. I wouldn’t survive a day in Alaska in the winter months.

    I love the hooker in heels comment. Trademark that please.