Week 9.

Are you as surprised as I am that I am keeping up with this?!?!

Week 9.

Let’s be honest, week 9 was crap. I spent the majority of the week sick or at least confined myself to home. The errands that I managed and the meals out that I ate turned out to be, for the most part, the wrong decision.

I am so glad that last week is behind me and that I am feeling more like myself this week.



Here’s the spread. That glare on my face isn’t there in real life (luckily), but I was too lazy to retake the shot. I managed to take the others with my “real” camera, but the one above requires all sorts of coordination with a real camera that the iPhone doesn’t require.

Hello lazy.


…Another week where I managed to pull from the way way back of my stash of goodies… I have told myself that aside from the SC kit, I cannot buy new product until I get rid of much of my current stuff. So far it’s working, though I could really use some new labels – I appear to be using those a lot.

I started the week running and ended the week laying on the couch. Some of that was self-inflicted when I ate BBQ with J on Saturday night well before my stomach thought that would be a good choice. Lesson learned. Stomach 1. Mara 0.


I love when the stores start to pull out their Spring Collections and this year’s colors are gorgeous. Hello J Crew and the excuse of 2 weddings validating my need for a new dress. And a swimsuit.

While I was being lazy, J spent Sunday cooking. Hummus, French Onion soup and Gumbo. I like a man who enjoys the kitchen (good thing since, you know, we’re married and all).

I’m glad that last week is over. We did manage some nice time together, but feeling crappy is not my favorite way to spend a week and canceling fun dinner plans with friends is my least favorite part of all.

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  1. you are seriously amazing.
    i am so far behind– you, my dear, are ROCKING THIS.
    love it. LOVE it.

  2. i’m coming to babysit and scrapbook with you! love your project life. like gabs, i am SO far behind… love seeing your weeks. xo