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Why do weekends go so quickly? I always have such grandiose plans for my weekend and by the time Saturday and Sunday roll around I’m already behind on my plans. I’m not sure how that happens but I guess that’s what having a 4-month-old with a nap schedule does.

I’m not complaining though – really, I’m not. I am incredibly grateful for my weekends with my little family and I feel very lucky that I have a 4-month-old with a nap schedule. Naps are going MUCH better these days. We’ve successfully gone from 15-30 minute naps to naps over an hour-long multiple times a day (I am secretly patting myself on the back).

Anyway, I digress. We had a great weekend. Some errands, some play, a haircut (for me), dinner with my brother, sister-in-law and niece, some cooking (J) and tasting new food (Simon), lots of rolling around (Simon), and lots of cuddles. It went too fast, but they always do.


Apparently I like brick walls.

Speaking of cooking, these Quinoa Stuffed Peppers, found in the brand new Skinnytaste Cookbook, were DELICIOUS. J used asparagus instead of spinach and feta instead of pecorino cheese, but the idea was from Skinnytaste and they were GOOD. Also, that cookbook…I want to make about 100 things.


Hope your weekend was also yummy!


Last Monday, Ailee of Snapshots & My Thoughts asked me to join the Tour through Blogland. I have known Ailee for several years. I met her in my consulting days when we were both traveling to Oklahoma for work (glamorous!), but we’ve grown quite close since finding out that we were having babies days apart from each other. Her daughter Isla is 1 day older than Simon and so incredibly sweet. We always joke about how similar we are, but truthfully, she’s much more creative (check out her calligraphy, it’s unreal!) and REAL pretty. Ailee writes a beautiful lifestyle blog that is absolutely worth checking out.


Right now I am trying to keep my head above water. I just returned to work after 4 months of maternity leave (sadness!), so getting back into the corporate america routine and figuring out how that routine works with an infant has been a bit challenging.

I started Hook, Thread & Tinker a few years ago as a way to document life for myself. I have evolved more recently into a family life / lifestyle / mommy blog and I am pretty excited about the direction that my blog is taking. I manage an editorial calendar with a number of exciting posts coming up. I try to do a mix of personal stories, posts that I think would be helpful (e.g. things that I’ve learned about nursing positions or what to put on your baby registry that you might not think about), and weekly giveaways and product reviews in a series called, “Simon Says…”. This week there is a great giveaway from MAM (only a few hours left!) and I’ll be starting another one with Freshly Picked on Wednesday.


I had a friend visiting this week and she said, “so this blog thing… what’s the deal?”.

Whenever anyone asks me, and I get asked frequently, I say that I want Hook, Thread & Tinker to be an honest reflection of my life and now, life with an infant. I think that there are too many blogs that sugarcoat life with a baby and that’s just not my reality. I am not fake in real life and I’m not fake when I write. For better or for worse, that means that my stories, my reviews, and my pictures are as real as possible. I try to bring the human element into everything that I write, but I also try to make my blog appealing enough for others to be interested – and I try to take pretty pictures.

Although I do a lot of writing about Simon, my goal is to not have embarrassing stories floating around on the internet for him and his friends to find 15 years from now – so honest, but not too revealing, if that makes sense.


Hook, Thread & Tinker is a labor of love. I have always needed a creative outlet. Sometimes that outlet is crafting (crocheting, sewing, or scrapbooking), photography (faces are my favorite), or writing. I learned that I could do, and share, all of my loves in one place through Hook, Thread & Tinker. I am a better writer than I am crocheter or sewer (those skills are remedial at best), so I don’t tend to share many of my craft-capades here.


My process varies and honestly, I need to get more organized so that I am not up late writing posts every night after Simon goes to bed. I have a daily planner that I like to jot notes in — I try to keep an editorial calendar and a list of companies that want to do reviews / giveaways. I send myself emails when I think about a blog topic, and I like to read other blogs as inspiration (which are your favorite?). I haven’t quite figured out where and how to manage my editorial calendar. I like the paper planner because I can easily write notes as I think of them, but it might make more sense if it was available via my phone or iPad because I have those things with me all the time and I leave the paper planner on my desk – hence the emails to myself.


I’ve nominated two of my favorite bloggers to share their story with you next week, Stephanie and Melanie.


I “met” Stephanie (left) and Melanie (right) through the crazy world of scrapbooking. They are two of the sweetest, most genuine people, and I love reading about their lives.

Stephanie is an Army wife and mom of 4 beautiful girls. They are currently living in Italy and traveling a bunch (jealous!!!!). Stephanie is one of those people that you just want to sit down and chat with because she comes across as so sweet and approachable. Stephanie writes regularly about her family, scrapbooking, being an American in Italy (!!!), and just about real life… read more about Stephanie and her adventures here.

Melanie of the blog Melanie Makes lives in Cleveland with her sweet family and several pets (the menagerie). Melanie’s blog will make your Pinterest boards pretty and your belly hungry. She makes delicious tasting food (I’ve tried a number of her recipes!) for every occasion. Seriously, every occasion. She’s creative in the kitchen and is becoming quite the popular chef! You’ll want to be Melanie’s next door neighbor as soon as you start seeing what she’s making – totally drool worthy. Discover some tasty recipes and read about Melanie and her adventures here.

Thanks for playing along in the Tour through Blogland. Don’t forget, only 1 day left to join the  MAM gift package giveaway!


10 thoughts on “weekend review & tour through blogland

  1. I want that quinoa stuffed pepper recipe. Looks delicious and my kind of cooking! Also great photos of Simon in today’s post!

    • Thanks, Tara. It was SOOOOO good. I’ll give you the recipe next time I see you. Or get the cookbook – it’s seriously beautiful.

  2. Okay, you are absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE those two photos. Makes me miss you a whole lot (even though I feel like we interact daily). Like Tara, I want those peppers. Let’s get active on that Houston/James deal.

    I love your Tour through Blogland (and thank you for all of the sweet things). I love that you also email yourself with topics. I should be embarrassed by the number of ‘Me’ that show up as senders in my inbox. I cannot wait for the Freshly Picked giveaway!!!! And I love reading Hook, Thread and Tinker every day and so excited about the new direction (and frequency!). Love, love, love. More FaceTime soon please! xo

  3. ACK. I just want to eat him right up. He is so cute. Yep, get used to weekends that fly and never quite work out the way you think they will, ha! But yes…totally worth it.
    Thanks for the cookbook rec, I need that one. I love Gina. And thank you so much for your sweet words. I so wish we could hang out! xoxoxo

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