Weekend Review

I had such a good, long, weekend, starting on Thursday night last week.

On Thursday night I went to a birthday party at Anthropologie with a couple of friends and we had lots of fun trying on patterned pants and too many hats.

Anthro Party | Hook, Thread & Tinker



Cute party, eh?

I could seriously live in an Anthropologie store.

Anthropologie Southport Chicago | Hook, Thread & Tinker

Friday I spent the day with Simon and one of my favorite people came to visit. I haven’t seen Rashida since my wedding in 2009, so it was SO fun that she was in town from LA and came to visit us! I think Simon might have had a little crush :).

Rashida and Simon

On Saturday I flew out to Dallas for 24 hours to surprise and celebrate my friend Adie and her soon to be baby girl.


It was really fun to catch up with Adie and some other work friends… Dallas in 24 hours was VERY quick, but I managed to eat a bean and cheese taco from Taco Cabana AND attend a baby shower / dinner with friends, so, successful trip!

Sunday I flew home early and spent the rest of the day with J and Simon. We did lots of scooting around the living room and spent some time at the park and wishing we had a yard. I love these guys.



I hope that you had a great weekend!! Anything exciting planned for the week?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Review

  1. Happy belated birthday again! You look gorgeous, per usual, in these photos! And so happy 🙂 What a great (and whirlwind) weekend. I cannot believe you were s.o. c.l.o.s.e.!!! Also, those last photos of Simon – he is so handsome!!! Him and the walker! Baby model!!! xo

  2. Maybe I should go back for that hat? 😉 Love all the photos! And I don’t look as ridiculous as I thought I would (at least in the hat photos, maybe a little in the prop photos)

    I can’t believe how busy your weekend was!! You sound crazier than I do when I try to fit everything in.

  3. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Trying hard not to be too jealous over here! I don’t know how you manage to fit all that into a weekend. The party looks like it was fab, and as ever, Simon is just too cute.

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