weird or normal?

I made a new friend today.

I cleaned my closet big time last night and I broke the amazing amount of crap that was hiding in there no longer need clothes into two piles.  1. Donate and 2. Try to sell, otherwise, donate.

This afternoon, I took several bags of “try to sell” clothes to Crossroads, where I’ve had good luck in the past.  While I was waiting for the buyer to dig through my bags, a guy came in with a ginormous box of clothes.

We got to talking (I don’t usually talk to strangers, but he was Mr. Chattypants) and next thing you know he’s telling me about his job working for RL and then he mentioned synagogue and I said, “oh, what synagogue?”.  And he says, “you’re Jewish?”.  I said, “yes”.  He went on to tell me that he worked for years with NFTY and that he comes from an interfaith family and blah blah…

Long story short, he asked me my name (when I responded he said “of course…” (<– I guess cause it’s Jewish sounding??)) and then proceeded to friend me on facebook and give me his card / email so that we could “synagogue hunt” together in Chicago (we had talked about not finding the right fit yet).

“Girl, if we can sit here for 20 minutes and not feel awkward, we can go to synagogue.”

SO basically, I left and immediately texted my friend who wants to move to Chicago and told him that I had met his new boyfriend. I mean, hello… works for RL and goes to synagogue? He’s my match made in heaven… minus the whole he likes boys and I’m married thing…

I may not ever talk to / see this guy again, but it made me giggle when I looked at his Facebook profile and I know a few of his friends.  Small world… and also, he works for RL… did I mention??

And… I made $97 in the process and then took 4 huge bags to the Goodwill bins.  Good deeds and new friends… all in a days work, people.

Weird or normal? 😉

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