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We always do a lot of reading around here, but in the last month or so Simon has been handing me books and “requesting” specific books (via grabbing and pointing). This makes my story loving heart very happy. Here’s what we’ve been reading these days…

Hook, Thread & Tinker | July Book Report

Dear Zoo: So much Dear Zoo. Admittedly I love this book as much as Simon. It’s quick, it’s cute, it helps Simon learn about zoo animals. He LOVES lifting the flaps. As an aside, the flaps have held up really well on this book – even with the curious hands of a 1 year old.

Memoirs of a Goldfish: Oh the cute. I love this book that we were gifted from my sister-in-law. I have since gifted it several times. The tales of this beloved goldfish are cute and funny. Definitely a book that’s on repeat at our house.

How Do You Hug a Porcupine?: Carefully. This is a sweet book that I love because Simon is a hugger and it’s pretty cute to talk about hugging all of the animals. Any book that encourages a hug and has good illustrations is good in my eyes.

The Moose Belongs to MeThis book is illustrated beautifully and the story is really sweet. I didn’t know that I could like a moose so much, but he’s a pretty cool moose. Join in the story as Wilfred shares his “house rules” with the moose.

Go! Go! Go! Stop!: Red light and green light learn to work together so that the traffic is controlled. It takes a bit of getting used to, but ultimately they work together…and then yellow joins in! This is a pretty cute book and Simon and my niece LOVE it. My niece especially likes to yell STOP! and GO! at the appropriate times.

Little GorillaThis is a GREAT book. Somehow Simon completely understands the story and gets really excited at the end. Little Gorilla grows up surrounded by his friends and family, all of whom love him…then he has a birthday and everyone realizes that he’s not so little anymore…but they still love him!

What’s on your must read list? I am always on the hunt for great books (mainly for Simon these days). What suggestions do you have for a 1 year old avid reader (ha!)?

The books that I have read for myself most recently were excellent too. Girl on the Train and Me Before You. I couldn’t put either one down and now I need another “can’t put it down” book for myself… Go!

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