what you ABSOLUTELY must put on your baby registry (the stuff you might not think about).

Now that I have been a mom for just over two months, I feel like I am an expert in all things baby.


That is a BIG joke – I am far from Mrs. Know-it-all.

Seriously, I will be the first to admit that I play most of my day by trial and error. So far Simon hasn’t noticed that I don’t know what I am doing – either he hasn’t noticed or I am still getting away with “because I said so…”.

I am, however, an expert in using and reusing the same few things every day – once I like it, I keep using it. Things for Simon, things for me… either way, these are my must have / always reaching for items that I would encourage you to add to your registry if you’re pregnant and purchasing if you have an infant and think you could use any of these things. I have ONLY included items that I use daily or very close to it. Most of these items aren’t glamorous or cute, they’re just necessary.


1. For BabyBoppy Changing Pad Liners

boppylinerIn case you’re  new to this whole parenting gig, babies have blow outs and even without dramatic blow outs, babies produce a LOT of poop. Like “holy cow where does this even come from lots…”. These liners have saved my changing pad covers from a) having to be washed constantly and b) being stained on MANY occasions. They’re waterproof and I leave one in the middle of Simon’s changing pad ALL THE TIME. Seriously useful – so useful in fact that I just bought a second pack. They wash well and then you hang dry them. They’re white, so they will show stains, but I’d rather get stains on these than the cute, much more annoying to wash and much more expensive, changing pads.

2. For BabyNail Clippers. I know, duh.

nail clippers

Maybe this is obvious to you, but I had no idea that baby fingernails grow so quickly. And they are sharp! I was SO hesitant to use these on Simon the first time, but they’re super easy and made for tiny fingers…I use them pretty much every other day, usually right after a bath or feeding when he is calm and not moving his hands too much.

3. For BabyBoppy Newborn Lounger


(That isn’t Simon).

Do you like to get things done around the house during the day when you don’t have a second pair of hands to help you? Maybe you like to take showers or use the bathroom…? THIS LOUNGER WAS MY EVERYTHING for a good 8 weeks and we definitely still use it. It’s a big, soft, baby sized, lounge chair, basically. I think Simon likes it because it still feels cozy and warm even though no one is holding him. Also, the pattern is cute, which obviously matters. I love that it’s SO easy to lug around the house. There’s a handle, it’s light, I can toss it on the floor while holding Simon… seriously, anything that I can do one handed automatically wins in my book.

4. For BabyInfant Tylenol.


For your sake I hope that you never need this, especially not early in your infant’s life. That said, the first time you DO need it, wouldn’t you rather have it on hand than have to take a sick, uncomfortable, crying infant to the nearest drugstore? When Simon went in for his 2 month vaccines he cried but was fine. After being home a couple of hours he was clearly miserable – his legs hurt to the touch where the injections were. I was relieved that I had Tylenol at the ready.

5. For BabyBulb Syringe.


First, steal this from the hospital. Second, maybe have two or get a NoseFrida, which is also great but a bit more complicated. I know that suctioning snot out of your child’s nose might sound disgusting, but when they are fussy and sound snotty, you’ll try anything. Just remember to clean it after use. It gets gross. Learn from me.

6. For Mom: Disposable Nursing Pads


If you choose to breastfeed, be warned that your body may choose to also be a little leaky. This motherhood thing, it’s glamorous! I like these because they are absorbent and comfortable – they stick right into your bra.

7. For Baby: Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment


I don’t use this every day because I haven’t needed to. If Simon is a tiny bit red I apply a small dab to his bum after a bath and by morning the redness is gone. I love this stuff.

8. For Baby: Vitamin D Drops


Your baby can’t get vitamin D from your breast milk, so it’s important to supplement. Simon took to these instantly – it comes with an easy to serve syringe.

9. For Baby: Carter’s Side Snap T-shirts

short side snap

They come in long and short sleeve. Simon wore these a lot when he came home from the hospital. Mainly at night to sleep, but I liked them because they didn’t rub his belly button and I wasn’t worried that he was too hot with a shirt and a swaddle. We still use the short sleeve occasionally for night sleep and the long were nice because they have the fold-over at the hand.

10. For Mom: Majama Nighttime Nursing Bras


(that isn’t me)

I have tried several different styles and brands specifically for night nursing and by far Majama is the most comfortable and the most true to size. I wear one every night under a tank and I find that they are supportive enough for night and SUPER easy to nurse from when I can barely open my eyes. Buy a couple of these, you won’t regret it.

11. For Mom: Fitbit Flex


I have been a fitbit user for years, but I lost my fitbit one just before I had Simon. After I was home for a couple of weeks I realized just how much I dance and bounce and move around without much thought and, knowing that I take Simon on lots of walks in the stroller, I wanted to start counting my steps again. I like the flex a lot and bonus, it’s water resistant, which means that when you do have time to shower, you don’t also need to remember to take it off first.

What’s on your list of things that you reach for over and over again with baby? Each of the items above is, of course, in addition to a great stroller, car seat, swaddlessleep sacks, etc. etc. etc…

Links above may be affiliate. I was not compensated for writing this post or reviewing these products, I just think they’re worth it. All images are from amazon.com.

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  1. I totally forgot about those side snaps! We didn’t even attempt regular onesies until she was probably a month old. Baby fingernails are crazy!!! They still grow so darn fast and she hates getting them cut. My trick is to take her outside when someone is mowing the lawn or I make my husband sweep our garage! Haha. I don’t know why or even remember how we figured that out, but she loves to watch him sweep.

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