when it feels like it’s been too long…

I have a long list of things that I want to say. I literally keep a list because I have a lot to say and limited time to actually put said words onto the blog. Whether I stick to that list is a different story…

I am going to postpone the long Hawaii / vacation update for a few days until I find the time to pull pictures off of my camera. It sounds like a simple task, but unfortunately requires me to spend more time at my desk / computer than I already do and that just doesn’t appeal to me right now. I did, however, give myself a deadline. I work better under pressure.

I made pesto this weekend. Somehow I ended up with about 12 gallons of pesto (ok, I’m exaggerating a little, but it feels like it) and I want to give some away because pesto is delicious, but I can’t eat it for every meal and, let’s be honest, even though it’s green it isn’t all that healthy.

Speaking of health, J has been on a health kick lately. I both love and loathe this. It’s really nice to have someone in my life who is becoming equally as conscious of working out as I am, but the fact that he rides his bike for 10 days and loses 5 pounds is pissing me off. I swear that he thinks about eating healthier and he loses 2 pounds. Men. I have to give him credit — he’s been really good at eating healthier and we have more fruit / veggies in my house than ever, which can’t be a bad thing, but still, unfair quickness there.

I am still working out twice a week with my trainer (in addition to my own workouts) and I both loathe and love that too. I have seen changes for sure – I am way stronger than I was when I started and I don’t have as much of that pesky back fat that I had when I started… all of that said, change is slow and I have to be proud of small changes (Holla! Less back fat!) or I’ll go nuts feeling defeated. So for now, we’ll be proud of where I am and we’ll keep going. Yes? Yes.

I think I’ve mentioned that my trainer doesn’t want me to eat sugar (evil bananas!), especially processed sugar. This has been a big change for me because although I have never eaten a lot of SUGAR, I have eaten a lot of processed sugar in the form of 100 calorie snack packs, etc. He made me do research on glycemic index, glycemic load and fiber and I have learned a lot… I totally agree with it all. I even UNDERSTAND it. But changing my food habits? Oy. Hard.

I have been eating around 35g of sugar per day (try it, it’s hard) and no processed sugar, but next week I start 2 weeks of less than 10g of sugar per day. Warning, I am going to be cranky about this.

For those of you who may be concerned, I am eating a lot. A lot. Just not sugar. I am nowhere close to obsessed (I ate thin crust pizza for dinner last night), but I am trying to be conscious of what I put in my body. I am burning a lot of calories per workout, but I am eating enough to be healthy, promise. I am just trying to be healthy, not get crazy. Luckily my trainer is both realistic and pro-health. Unluckily, he hates sugar.

Do you have a go to karaoke list?

I know that’s random, but I was at a wedding 2 weeks ago where there was karaoke at the rehearsal dinner and people went crazy for it. I busted out a few songs of course (microphone and music?… pretty much my perfect evening), but there were others who had karaoke lists on their phones like, “in case of emergency, bust out this song!”…what?

I know you’re dying to know what I sang…I sang as part of a trio and 2 duets (I get around): Landslide (Dixie Chicks), Hold On (Wilson Philips), Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus) — classics 🙂

This is perhaps the most random post ever. It’s done. You’re welcome.

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  1. I mean, THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE BACK. I read via email in my last meeting and laughed twice. I always want to reply in red ink to each point, but (le sigh) cannot.

    Men and their metabolisms! The worst. But GO J! And go Mara! I’m so proud of you! My BP team has all started this health kick too and I’m a happy camper. I too have a personal trainer (as of five weeks ago) and I totally get the love/loathe thing. But he’s not limiting my sugar. 10g is intense.Goodbye Kashi cereal! No thanks.

    Did you claim that Katy Perry sang Party in the USA? Just because she shaved off her hair and has gone a little cuckoo doesn’t mean that Miley shouldn’t get the credit! Hold On is forever Bridesmaids to me. I don’t have a Go To song, but my voice is so bad that it would have to be a male singer. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

    Hawaii pictures, puh-leaseeeeeee.

  2. Ah, Party in the USA. If you weren’t before, you are now on my people I greatly enjoy list 🙂

    And I SO hear you on the men losing faster than women frustrations. Not to say Karl sits on his ass all day, because he doesn’t, but he can “kind of” have an idea of what he’s eating and get in a little activity here and there and either maintain or lose a little. If I am not tracking and getting in plenty of activity, the scale starts to creep automatically. Frustrating!