I’m in kind of a weird place right now.

I’m on a project, but I’m on vacation until things get sorted.  Well, vacation / recruiting / training.  Today and Friday – vacation.  It’s nice. But weird.  I feel like I’m playing hooky and doing something wrong.  I’m not, for the record (MOM).

But I also REALLY like being home during the day.

A girl could REALLY get used to this.

Going to the gym at 2PM? OK.

Going to the grocery store at 10am? OK.

I’m getting spoiled, but I also feel like I’m getting caught up on life.

Traveling for 9 years left me feeling like I was just barely keeping up with life.  Like if I missed a weekend at home I was going to be utterly and completely out of whack for weeks.

It feels good to be home.

REALLY good.

And so, while being on “vacation” is really strange b/c it was unplanned and could change at any minute, I’ll take it for the time being.

I have a real vacation coming up in a month. The thought of 2 weeks in the Philippines is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.  Flying for 20+ hours…. blah.  Beach time… YA! Scuba diving… hopefully I don’t have a panic attack like I did last time.  Eating… umm, yes… I’m a little picky, but we’ll figure that out as we go. Climbing a volcano and swimming with whale sharks… AWESOME.

I have a lot to take care of before then…

  • Vaccinations (somehow I think I need some even though I got about 64 before I went to Africa 3 years ago).
  • My taxes.  I hate taxes.
  • Shopping (the list seems to be growing – everything from sunscreen and nausea medicine to shorts — I DESPISE shorts and would much prefer to be in cottons dresses / workout clothes — my hub keeps reminding me that it’s a third world country and that I should be concerned with other, more important things, but I’ll be concerned with those too, I’m sure… just not right this second).
  • Needing to find somewhere for the pup to stay.  We have a great daycare place, but the thought of Cohen sleeping in a crate for 2 weeks makes me really sad. Poor punkin.


I mean seriously? That face…  Anyway…

  • Do you think that I need a new camera? Yes, I’m adding that to my list of things to do. Decide. I think that I do. J would have a slightly different definition of the word “need”.  Here’s the catch…. it’s free. I have points. I’d use them for a new camera. But I could also use them for other (in J’s mind, more practical) things…. hmm…For what it’s worth, I now have an old Canon XT and I’d ideally like to get the 60D.
  • Pack. Oy, packing. I’m pretty sure that I can only take 30ish pounds. Good luck to me.  Goodbye footwear.
  • Grow my hair 5 inches so that I can pull it back in a ponytail since it will be 90+ degrees there.  I know this is far fetched and impossible, but a girl can dream…
P.S. Someone told us that they might weigh me before I get on the plane to some of the small islands.  Seriously. WEIGH ME.  With my bags. My bags and me. WEIGHED. In public.  Are you freaking kidding me? I told J that we were NOT going on any of those trips.  He’s not amused with my sensitivity about getting weighed. IN PUBLIC.  Hello fat panic attack.  “I’m sorry mam, your luggage can go, but your fat thighs need to take a bus.”
SERIOUSLY. That is insanity and public torture.
I can’t help it that I am not a super model.  I BLAME MY PARENTS.  And my diet and exercise routine, but mainly my parents.
Now excuse me while I go on a hunt for Girl Scout cookies.
I’M KIDDING.  Nothing else has made me want to stop eating sweets and fat more than having to be publicly weighed in order to get on a plane for a vacation. Can I get a doctor’s note to get out of that? FML.

0 thoughts on “whirlwind

  1. holy crap i love you.
    i hope your hair grows 5 inches before you leave and you can teach me your ways.
    also, max LOVES his daycare/kennel. like, runs back and doesn’t even look over his shoulder to say goodbye. niiiiiiiice.
    oh my hilarious friend.
    you are the best.

  2. You are going to be fine. I promise! Just enjoy your time away and put on your adventurous cap!!!

  3. shorts and a public weigh in. eeeeek. sounds like two of my worst nightmares!
    and yes. you totally do need a new camera. definitely.