I haven’t blogged in so long that I forgot my password.  Whoops.

In an effort to get back into it, I’m going to do a Ten on Thursday a la Gabby.

  1. Speaking of Gabby…. I miss her. I’m also jealous that she and Linnea are seeing each other today. Jess, Gabby, Linnea… we need to rectify this living far apart thing… I no likely.
  2. I am working from home today and tomorrow. Being on 8 hours of conference calls both days really sucks.  What doesn’t suck? Being home. And also, that my dog hangs out under my desk with his head on my foot.
  3. My Mom’s birthday is today.  Happy Birthday, Mom.  She’s coming to Chicago this weekend, which should be fun.  We’re occasionally at each other’s throat, but the cool thing about my Mom is that she always has my back.  And she tells me that she’s proud of me.  And she’s really smart. And she thinks I’m funny.  
  4. The cleaning lady came today.  I love cleaning lady day.  I use a service that I really trust – no matter who comes, they’re always good.  Today, the woman spoke Spanish.  I speak VERY LITTLE Spanish. I was telling her a couple of things in Spanish and then she’d respond and I was totally lost.  Something about bathtub mold. Yuck.  “Necesitas mas Clorox!” 
  5. I don’t understand why last week it was almost 100 degrees and today it’s a high of 55 degrees. My flowers are confused.  As are my sinuses.  In other weather related news, I nearly escaped a tornado in Oklahoma this week.  I was running, the skies were dark, the hail came… scary. I’m alive but have learned my lesson.  Running is bad. 🙂
  6. I’m still addicted to my fitbit.  There are some things that I wish… I wish it would sync via wireless instead of having to plug in.  I wish that walking 10K+ steps per day automatically equated to weight-loss.
  7. You should see the pile of fabric that I have…I have such grandiose plans… In my head, I am such a good baby blanket / quilt maker.  In reality, I am not. Also, I don’t like my sewing machine.  I’m prettttty sure that it shouldn’t take 15 tries to properly wind my bobbin.  I swear, it’s not user error. Maybe.
  8. My dog refuses to eat for a couple of meals at a time.  Sometimes he runs right upstairs and swallows his food without chewing… but most of the time he’s Mr. Finicky eater (this isn’t new, but the skipping multiple meals in a row is new…). The other night we were getting a little worried because he hadn’t eaten in 3 meals (he gets 2/day plus treats on walks, so he wasn’t starving….yet).  The vet said that he’ll eat when he’s hungry and that as long as he’s drinking water / eating treats, he’s fine… but it makes me so sad to see him not eating meals – he’s already really skinny (healthy skinny, but skinny). I don’t know if it’s the food, or if it’s too hot??? Anyway, we were getting worried and my neverevereverfeedthedoghumanfood husband suggested breaking a turkey burger up in his food.  It was hysterical.  As soon as J pulled Cohen’s bowl and started mixing in the turkey burger (freshly grilled thankyouverymuch), Cohen was Mr. Perky, I must have food NOW…. Stinker.  I hope it’s not the food.  We give him good food, I swear…. I’m sure he’d prefer a freshly grilled piece of meat every night, but he is a dog, so I am going to try to avoid that one :). Stinker sauce. Seriously.
  9. I am selling my old bike.  J and I got bikes last summer and I had 2, which is absolutely unnecessary.  We have no space, so 2 bikes is ridiculous.  Anyway… I posted an ad on Craigslist last week.  I included measurements, bike specs, etc.  When people come to look at it and say “it looked smaller online” or “oh, it’s kind of big”, I want to scream.  READ. Today, a woman came over to look at the bike.  I literally had it in her car with the front tire off and she says, “do you mind if I bring my daughter by later to look at it… just to be sure…?” I mean, I get it, it has to be right.  But the tire was off. I spent 15 minutes getting it the woman’s car.  Grr…. I just want to stop carrying it up and down the stairs. Hello lazy pants.
  10. Have you seen the new Toms? Hello lover.  I might need these or these or these.  As my very bad influence on me co-worker said, “buying Toms are like donating to charity.” TRUE. 

Sorry if that was awful to read. Hopefully not. I miss it here.

Happy almost weekend.

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  1. LOVE you.
    and yes. we MUST rectify said far away living situation.
    also, i now want toms. thanks.