wordy wednesday: going home.

I haven’t been home in 2 weeks.

There’s something great about being able to go where my little heart desires any time I want to given my work travel schedule, but even when it takes me someplace wonderful, which it did last weekend, home is really where I want to be.

Not seeing J or Cohen for 2 weeks gets very long.  I am used to being gone 3 nights per week, which is more than plenty — 10 nights gets very very old. 

Especially for a homebody like me.

So this weekend, in between a long run (longest yet – 25 minutes!), a manicure, a boat cruise, tennis, the Olympics and catching up on Love in the Wild on DVR (<– true story), all I want to do is cuddle with the boys.

There’s always a weird transition period back into the house…that “oh, so life didn’t stop just because I was away?” feeling… getting back into laundry, and walking the dog, and considering other people in my decisions…

If you don’t travel on a regular basis, you probably think I’m nuts.  Why would I have to “transition” back into my own life?! After 10 days away though, I just kind of do.  J has been playing single dog parent / bachelor for 10 days.  I’ve had no responsibilities outside of work, working out and hanging out.  Transition is required.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it in every way possible and I literally can not wait to walk in the door to Cohen running down the stairs, J usually upstairs, usually making dinner.


Thursday night is my most favorite day / time of the week and tomorrow, after being gone for 2 weeks, will be the night that I stay up too late just to soak it all back in.


0 thoughts on “wordy wednesday: going home.

  1. oh i so get this.
    and i love that you’re getting home.
    thank you for missing them for even longer to come see us.