worried dog mom.

My pup, Cohen, has me and J very worried. When we got home from Mexico, we noticed that Cohen had a weird lump on his right side, right on his ribs. At first I thought nothing of it because he has had a couple of fatty lumps and the vet has said that they’re common on dogs and not to worry about it. After a few days, though, I noticed that this lump was different. It’s the size of a golf ball and it’s hard – very different from the fatty ones he’s had (and much larger).


I took Cohen to the vet 2 weeks ago and they aspirated both his old fatty bump on his elbow and the new golf-ball sized one on his side. The fatty one hadn’t changed (still fatty!), but the one on his side was full of blood, which they said was either injury related or…something else. Cohen would have to have the big lump removed because they didn’t know what it was.

Two days after he went to the vet the first time, they wanted to take his blood to make sure that nothing else was going on internally and that he was fit for surgery. Luckily, his kidney function, cell count, etc are normal and he can have the surgery.

The surgery is this Wednesday.

IMG_2224 IMG_2226

The big lump doesn’t seem to bother him – I can touch it, rub it, etc and he acts pretty normal.

Last night though, I noticed that he was acting a bit unlike himself. He seems to have lost some of the pep in his step. If you’ve met Cohen, you know that he’s a big, easily excitable, love bug. In the last day or so, he just seems…off. Maybe it’s because I am watching him like a hawk or maybe he’s just tired from a rainy weekend night where he likely spent more time shaking than sleeping (he’s also a big scaredy when it’s raining)… but he’s just not himself.

We didn’t send him to daycare today (he’s normally there on Monday and Wednesday) because we thought it would be better for him to be at home so that I could watch him. He’s sound asleep with little interest in anything going on around him.

We went for a walk at noon and he wasn’t Mr. Sniffy like he normally is. He actually just kept wanting to turn towards home. He didn’t eat breakfast yesterday but did (un-enthusiastically) eat dinner last night, but he didn’t eat breakfast again today. He has had a few treats and is drinking water, so I’m not as concerned about that as I am with his lack of pep.

I have a call into the vet, which is probably overkill, but he has me worried. If I am worried I just think that I am being a bit over protective, but when J is worried, I know we may be on to something and in this case, J is worried too.

Poor pup – I just want to know what’s going on in there!

They won’t know what the lump is until they can remove it and send it to the pathologist. They’re worried that he may be in a good amount of pain after the surgery because of the location and the fact that it seems to be pretty well stuck in place.

Here’s hoping that the surgery is minimally invasive and that the lump turns out to be nothing.

We’ve had this dog for 6 years (he’s probably just over 7) and although there have been days when J and I don’t want to walk him or we complain because he’s expensive, we love him to no end. He has never had an accident, he’s well-trained and well-behaved (aside from the occasional aggressiveness towards neighborhood dogs and the constant sleeping on the couch when no one is home…ah hem…) and I can’t imagine life without him.

He’s still willing to cuddle and give me kisses, so he’s not completely off, just not 100% himself.

Dog mom is worried.


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  1. Hang in there!! A couple more days and the vets will sort it out. There are lots of reasons why could be a little off at the moment, maybe he has a cold, maybe he had a nightmare that’s bothering him, maybe he’s not eating to try and loose a couple of pounds 🙂 Lots of reasons!!! I’m sending him all my love and cuddles.

  2. holy cows, am i emotional today or what? i am teary eyed. and that last picture got me! he’s perfect. i will literally be praying that he is okay – “Cohen surgery” is written in my new planner. pep up, big guy!

  3. friend, i hope everything works out ok and cohen is back to his old spunky self asap! i’m keeping you both in my thoughts. take it easy & give him a treat for me 😉

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