Yesterday was one of the best days that I have had recently. Not because other days have been bad, I just haven’t felt as good at the end of the day as I did yesterday.

When I was sitting on the couch at the end of the very long day, I felt like I accomplished a tremendous amount. Simon was good, work was good, life just felt good… how do I bottle that feeling and keep it going a midst the crazy of working on intense projects, making sure that Simon doesn’t crack his head open trying to pull himself up on things and “walk”, and ensuring that I still find time to spend with J sometime during the day? If you know how to keep this goodness going, please let me know… I’ll pay a high price to figure it out. 🙂

In the mean time, here’s what made the day great…

  • Simon slept 12.5 hours. J was out of town and I never set my alarm anymore unless I specifically have an early meeting or am going downtown into the office because Simon reliably wakes at 6:15ish… when I looked at my phone and it said 6:40 I said both “oh shit” and “Go Simon!”.
  • I talked to a potential employee today and that always energizes me. There’s something to be said for having to set aside any ill feelings that I have about work to promote what a great company I work for. It also reminds me that I am very lucky to work for such a favored employer.
  • I had good meetings all day. Productive. Forward thinking. Positive steps in the right direction.
  • Simon gave the sweetest kisses when I went over to see him in the middle of the day. He leaned in and gave my sister in law a kiss and then gave me kisses. I will never grow tired of this. Never ever ever.
  • J got home from out of town and my dishwasher duties have been transitioned. I can’t tell you how much I HATE washing dishes. He loads, I unload – much better. Though really, dishes should just wash, dry and put away themselves in my opinion.
  • I was invited (and accepted!) an invitation to participate in the Nuby blogger program (much more on that very soon).
  • I connected with my absolute favorite nursing bra company and confirmed a giveaway with them – this is EXCITING because I LOVE them!
  • I took my photography assignment pictures (I might flunk, but the assignments are mostly done) in 50 degree afternoon sun, without a coat. My subject was fussy (eh hem) and I suspect I’ll get a lot of critique, but it’s done. There were 3 assignments – 1) 20 back lit and front lit pictures focused on the histogram (not composition), 2) 2 pictures of a single flower in open shade using different settings and 3) 2 shots of the same person – one with window light and one with specular light (I didn’t do that one yet).


I never quite got the histogram right (at least I don’t think so, I’ll find out tomorrow night), but I’ve decided that I like back lit photos the best. I also prefer subjects without an attitude (I’m talking to you JG!).


The left flower uses AV AWB and the right flower used the open shade setting. If I’m allowed to have an opinion, I like the left one better. I’ll be interested to hear what I was meant to learn from these assignments. 

  • I made progress on a complex work assignment.
  • I made it to the gym before picking up Simon. It was a short workout but I made it a priority and made it happen. Success.
  • My 9:30PM conference call was canceled.
  • J made “burnt pasta” for me for dinner while I wrapped up some work. It’s one of my favorite meals and I love it when he makes it for me, even when he eats something much more mature, like steak and salad. Ha. Let me know if you want this made up recipe for “Burnt Pasta”… I might have eaten this 2x a week when I was pregnant… it’s perfect, seriously.
  • I got to relax on the couch with J and watch the Voice. I can’t even tell you how much I *heart* that show.

I’m going to try to bottle this day and those sweet baby kisses. I hope you’re having a good week too!

7 thoughts on “Yesterday.

  1. I hope that today is as wonderful as yesterday! Because yesterday sounded amazing. I had to read your dishes bullet twice because… WHO LIKES UNLOADING THE DISHES? I am allllll for loading them, but hate unloading them. Yuck. I hate everything about dishes and laundry actually. Go Simon! re: sleep. Go Mara! re: photos. The back lighting and left flower are my favorites – they look amazing. Is this an online class? And congrats on the Nuby program and bra giveaway! Cannot wait to enter!! xoxo

    • Thanks for always being so supportive, Ailee.
      The photo class is in person – Cristin and I are doing it together.
      Have a great day too.

  2. This was such an exciting post for me to read this morning because I felt the same way! While my day doesn’t seem nearly as productive as yours, it felt like an overall good day where things were falling into place and working out in my mind how it should.

    First – where do you take photos classes and is it reasonably priced? Now that I am getting settled in the new place I want to pick up old and new hobbies.

    2- Love the back lighting and left flower as well!

    3- I can’t decide if loading or unloading is worse. Right now I say unpacking from a move is the worst

    4- I forgot about the Voice starting up and now need to catch up. I’m trying this new this where I don’t have cable and it’s a very big transition for me, coming from someone who watches WAY too much tv

    • The photo classes are local – I’ve now taken at 2 places, I’ll share info…how’s the new place? I cannot believe you’re going cold turkey no cable. You’re brave :). xx

      • New place is a crazy mess. ha I mean I love it and have a great view! But my stuff is all over the place and this being the first time I am living alone, I realize how much crap I actually have and need to toss because I don’t have free access to a storage unit.

        I got a Roku for my birthday so I’ve been using that for my tv just watching shows a day later with hulu plus, etc. Only problem is new place doesn’t have wifi yet (coming this sat).

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